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Creative Market August Bundle

Creative Market is a platform for handcrafted, mousemade design content from independent creatives around the world. This $1,556 value collection is only $39 until Wednesday August 16th. Hurry!

Influential Font Lover’s Bundle

DesignCuts, as they put it, "Create Possibilities". Passionate about offering designers the best creative resources online. Here's their current bundle. It expires on August 14. Total value $3465 Deal price $29

Blogger Concentrated Bundle

What's the one thing, that if you learned it would move your business forward and remove some guilt for not knowing it. For me it is Facebook Ads. This bundle's value is $97 for only $27!

Brand Board Templates

Once you've established your brand with your brand designer, be sure that you have this brand board as a reference and to maintain consistency of your brand.

Brand Manual Template

There is no reason because you're a small business or solo-preneur that you shouldn't have a brand bible like a coporation. Your brand is as important as any large corporation.

Awesome Fonts - Font Squirrel

Are you tired of Times Roman or Arial? Font Squirrel curates and finds some of the best fonts (royalty-free). My secondary favorite website for free fonts is

Spring means Trade Shows

Trade Shows are one of the best way to showcase your services and products. Think of it like a pop-up shop. Signages, promotional cards, and brochures are a must.

Customized Planners

Early announcements...we're going to do it. We're creating customized planners just for you. Have you ever found that all the beautiful planners out on the market are just not quite how you want to use it?

So excited that you're here!

Happy Chinese New Year! And welcome to Liquid Ink Design. This is our soft launch of our company. It's an amalgamation of everything that I've done since graduating from OCAD. I'm so excited to merge everything that I'm doing.

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